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Unusual Gin: A tasting with a difference at our Event Hub!

A little more information on one of our exciting gin tastings from Charlie Hooson-Sykes!

When it comes to gin, almost anything goes. Gin is made using a base spirit which is then redistilled (or sometimes infused) with different herbs, spices, fruit and event meats and fish.

No, I’m not exaggerating!

The gin must contain juniper to be considered a gin, and there are often botanicals that are quite common – angelica, coriander, orris root, citrus peels. After that, the world is your oyster.

In this tasting, I’m bringing you some of the more unusual gins from across the world. Those that marry the expected with the definitely unexpected.

Gins like Cruxland Gin. Along with juniper, lemon, almond, and cardamom come some far more unusual flavours, including rooibos and honeybush – that you may recognise from the tea aisle in the supermarket, and the Kalahari Truffle. The latter is a truffle native to Africa, and rather rare. It’s flavour is distinctive and they’ve use the truffle in balance with the other botanicals to create a rather lovely gin.

Another on my sample list is the Sleeping Lemons Gin from Wild Beer. Wild Beer may be known for their brewing, but they also produce some rather delicious gins too. This one takes the concept of their Sleeping Lemons beer, and turns it into gin. The result is a lot of citrus, but with a curiously mineral flavour to it. All will be explained at the tasting!

And finally, gins don’t have to all have the same spirit base. I’ll introduce you to Muff Gin, unusually named, it also uses a potato spirit base, meaning it’s very different to a lot of gins right from the beginning.

These are just three of the gins you can sample at my tasting on World Gin Day. As for the others, you’ll just have to come and try them! 

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