• World Gin Day MCR Team

Flight Club offer World Gin Day MCR deal!

Flight Club has become a must in Manchester. The atmosphere is an electric build up of shouts of excitement and screams of despair as guests attempt to beat their competitors. The venue boast of being a social experience like no other, and we believe they hit that brief 100%.

Flight Club have essentially reinvented an old mans pub game into darts for the twenty first century. Fast-paced with multiplayer games, ground breaking dart-tracking technology, instant scoring and a slick and intuitive user interface it's the perfect game for any one. Not played darts? It's pretty easy to pick up and Flight Club have kindly placed multiple throw lines to level the playing field, even a complete beginner can win on the day.

With 5 different darts games to choose from you can easily find yourself competing all night long (we know, we've been there). It's such a thrill to win and even better Flight Club capture the magic of the winning moment in a slow motion video that you will is played back there and then. You can also get your own copy to share with the world.

As well as all that staff go above and beyond to provide a service to be proud of and ensuring that your time with them is an amazing experience.

Flight Club are offering wristband wearers a bespoke summer cocktail for World Gin Day MCR. The Rhubarb Collins made up of following:

  • Lumber’s Bartholomew Gin

  • Lemon Juice

  • Sugar Syrup

  • ... topped with a Rhubarb & Cardamom Soda... It sounds SO good!

So all you need to do now is purchase your World Gin Day Wristband from our website and then book a few rounds of darts . Finally, celebrate with a Rhubarb Collins at the bargain price of £6. Makes sense right!

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